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Kelowna Stables @ Myra Canyon Lodge + Ranch

Discover great trails on a horse back.

PLEASE NOTE: We stop our horse back riding forever
(retirement decision) after Thanksgiving 2021 and all horses are for sale.
Sales listing and details here.

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Classic Trail ride 1h

1h Classic Ride $79

Our short beginner ride and walking only. It fits well for families with younger kids. We take riders with less then 10y usually on a lead rope. For young experienced riders: Longer options available.
Please note that our 1h loop does not offer the views we have on our other rides. 
Maximum group size is 10. Minimum age 8y.
10% off for groups of 4 and more.
2 starting times per day: Morning and afternoon
We provide helmets. Long pants recommended,
Closed shoes mandatory. Heeled shoes are preferred.

Classic Trail Ride

2h Classic Ride $109

This ride is focused on beginners and walking only. Occasional/Intermediate riders will enjoy the single trails and views . We ride ca. 35 min through the forest and then reach the open area where it regrows after the 2003 fire. Various loops on single trails within Provincial Park with 1:50 -2:15h.
Small groups with usually 2-6 riders. Max group size is 10.
Minimum age 10y.
10% off for groups of 4 and more.
2 starting times per day: Morning and afternoon.
We provide helmets.  Long pants recommended,
Closed shoes mandatory. Heeled shoes are preferred.

Custom Ride

2h - 6h Custom Ride
2h $139, 4h $189, 6h $259

This ride brings you to our most beautiful trails and views. If you sat on a horse at least a few times in your live or you are an intermediate/experienced rider then this is your ride.
You can choose between a variety of trails and go various speeds. Our guides adjust to your riding level.
Maximum group size of 4. Minimum age 10y.
Please allow us to ask you about your riding level for optimal horse pairing.
We provide helmets.  Long pants recommended,
Closed shoes mandatory. Heeled shoes are preferred. 




Kids Ride

Kids Ride 30min $49, 60min $79

Suitable for children from 3y up. Your kids will have a guide on foot leading the horse on a rope. We ride/walk either 30min in our riding arena - usually enough for young kids - or we do a mini trail ride along a nice path. Parents are welcome to join us either by foot or as a family ride on a horse - without a lead rope of course. 
Minimum age 3y.
Flexible starting times between the trail trail rides. 
Limited availablity during summer season.
We provide helmets.
Long pants recommended,
Closed shoes mandatory. Heeled shoes are preferred.

Riding Lesson

1h Lesson Single $79 
Group $49

Learn to ride on any horse, in any saddle, confidently and competenlty. Riders will learn how to groom, tack, lead and ride. Learn with clear consice instructions from our trainer.
We connect you directly to our trainer to fit your individual needs. 
Ages 10 and up. Comfortable pants needed and don’t mind getting dirty. Heeled shoes/boots are preferred. We provide helmets..
Group and single lessons on appointment.

Horse Bearding

Horse Boarding $300

For passionate trail riders we are the perfect place to board your horse. We offer a few spots. Please note that everything is outside - we have no inside stalls. A visit to see what and where we are is highly recommended.
Included: Hay with slowfeeder nets and paddock cleaning. 1 and 2 horse paddocks avaialble.
All paddocks have shelter and heated water stations.

All Rides Start At The Ranch

Views Over Valley & Lake

Details About Our Rides

Questions & Answers

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are mandatory and we provide them. If availalbe you can also bring your own bike helmet.

Is there a weight limit ?

Our 2 draft horses carry up to 275lbs. Riders over 250lbs should choose our shorter 1h rides.

Do I have to sign a waiver ?

Yes ! You find our waiver to download below. You can also sign it easily when you arrive. For persons under 19y a parent or guardian must sign on behalf.

How far in advance do I have to reserve ?

In spring and fall 1-2 days ahead of time is fine. During the summer months we recommend at least 1 week.

Do you close for the season in winter ?

We are open all year long. With icy conditions on the trails we have to pause rides.

What should I wear ?

Please wear long pants as well as sturdy footwear, if possible with a small heel. Depending on the weather it is useful to bring a warm jacket.

Can I bring my camera with me ?

Sure - just make sure it is in a secure pocket ! We try to make at least one photo stop.

Do you go out if the weather turns bad ?

We go out in all conditions except when it is too dangerous to ride: Thunderstorms and strong winds. We inform you ahead of time about conditions.

Do you sell food & drinks ?

Sorry no

What payments do you accept ?

We take debit cards, credit cards, cheques, cash and e-transfers. Payment after the ride.

Can I bring my own saddle ?

We have all our saddles measured and fitted to our horses and to avoid sour backs and bruises we only use our saddles.

Can I ride alone ?

Our insurance requires a guide with you at any time.

Do you ride english or western ?

Mainly western, but we have tack for both styles.

Do you ride over the Myra Canyon trestles ?

It is 1.5h uphill to get there and impossible to ride over the old train bridges - they have dangerous gaps left and right. So we don’t offer that at all.

Are there any packages with accommodation ?

Ranch guests get 10% discount on our classic and kids rides. For multiple rides while staying with us we always offer individual prices.

Can I ride with my kid on one horse ?

Our insurance makes a clear no to that, sorry !

Can I bring my dog with me ?

Sorry no, again an insurance requirement to not allow pets.

What is nearby ?

10 min driving distance above us is the west parking lot of the Myra Canyon. 2 min below is an adventure park. 1min away are trail heads.

Horse Lovers & Trail Experts

Our Guides

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Jaydean Braham

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